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House Rules of the fitnesscenter turgi

Dear members of the fitness center

In the interest of good order and proper hygiene, we depend on your assistance. We therefore take the liberty of pointing out the most important points of our house rules. The house rules are binding for all members. Our staff is responsible for ensuring that they are observed. The instructions of the staff are to be followed. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that for security reasons the entrance, reception, checkroom access and fitness areas are monitored by video cameras.

Hygiene regulations must be strictly observed. Street shoes may only be worn to the checkroom. Food may only be consumed at the store.

Sports clothing
The fitness and gymnastics rooms may not be used without a bodysuit or in street clothes. In addition, a clean towel must be brought and used as a sweat pad. Access to the fitness areas is only permitted with clean indoor shoes.
With the exception of the stretching area, which is marked as a sock zone, sturdy footwear is compulsory in the entire studio.

Checkrooms / Showers
Street clothes belong in the checkroom. Please do not hang or leave sweaty clothes. Sports bags must be left in the cloakroom/lockers during your visit. Dressing rooms must be cleared after practice. The showers must be left clean.

The use of the fitness center is at your own risk. The Fitness Center Turgi or its staff are not liable for any damage resulting from an accident, injury or illness. Fitnesscenter Turgi is not liable for the loss of effects, valuables, money, clothes etc.. The conclusion of an insurance is the responsibility of the member.

Cleaning and clearing away of the equipment
After training, the fitness and strength equipment must be cleaned. Loose fitness equipment, such as free weights and weight plates, must be put back in their original places after use. The fitness center is generally cleaned in the evening after hours.

Noise Emissions
The volume of mobile equipment shall not disturb other members. Other disturbing noises will also not be tolerated.

Prohibited is
- taking animals with you
- offensive and indecent behavior
- consumption and trade of alcoholic beverages incl. drugs/doping

Smoking ban
Smoking is prohibited in the entire area of the fitness center.

Opening hours
The gym is usually open daily from 6 am to 10 pm.

Parking of cars is only allowed during training in the marked spaces free of charge. Furthermore,
we ask all members to leave the area in a moderate manner (without squealing tires and howling engines).

The access badge is personal and non-transferable!
It is forbidden to allow unauthorized persons to enter or to borrow the badge.
It is also not allowed to bring children into the training zone!
Children are to be left in the supervised crèche during the crèche opening hours.

Drugs / Doping
The trade and consumption of drugs or doping (anabolic steroids) is prohibited on the entire area of the fitness center including the parking lots.

Misconduct will result in a claim for damages plus turnover compensation and immediate expulsion from membership
without entitlement to a refund of the membership fee and the deposited badge deposit.

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