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Body Composition
body composition scale

The multi-frequency segment body composition monitor is perfect for instantly analyzing your health and fitness and tracking your progress from workouts.

Body composition measurement in seconds

  • Body Fat (%) / Fat Mass (kg)

  • Fat Free Mass (kg) / Muscle Mass (kg)

  • Total Body Water (%) / Extracellular Water (kg)

  • Intracellular water (kg) / Body Mass Index

  • Bone mass (kg) / Determination of physique

  • Visceral fat grading / ECW/TBW ratio

  • Basal metabolic rate kcal / phase angle

  • Basal Metabolic Rate / Metabolic Age

  • Segment metrics for each leg, arm, and trunk: fat percentage (%), fat distribution score, muscle mass score, muscle mass (kg), muscle mass balance, leg muscle score, body fat distribution, and reactance/resistance.


A detailed printout with graphics is easy to understand. Make an appointment with our trainers.

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