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A well-structured strength training supports the all-round and harmonious development of the human being. Strength training has a health and performance-enhancing effect. It increases the functionality of the muscles. With the appropriate design, it also has a positive influence on other systems of the organism; the musculoskeletal system, breathing, the cardiovascular system and metabolism.

maximum power

Maximum force is understood to mean the highest force that can be applied arbitrarily. The measure is the resistance that can just about be overcome with just one repetition.

speed strength

Exertion of force with the highest possible rate of contraction of the working muscles. The focus here is not on the absolute magnitude of the force, but on the speed of the movement. Speed strength training is not part of the fitness area (increased risk of injury!), but is of great importance in competition and especially in martial arts.

strength endurance

muscular fatigue resistance. How long can you work against a certain resistance? The level of resistance or the size of the force to be applied is of secondary importance here.

Our strength training area
  • large number of strength machines (stack- and plateloaded)

  • a variety of cable towers and grips

  • several multi presses (guided barbell bars)

  • TRX

  • 2 free weight areas on 2 floors

  • Dumbbells up to 50 kg

  • several Olympic barbell bars (20 kg)

  • Safety Squat Bar / Multi Grip Swiss Bar / Hex trap bar / SZ bars

  • Kettlebells / weight bags / balls

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