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October - April
Tuesday + Thursday evenings

Indoor Cycling is a cardio workout on indoor bikes, with inspirational music and visuals in a non-competitive environment. It guarantees fun for all participants of different ages and fitness levels.

Music and rhythm define the terrain, which can be perfectly simulated using the stepless resistance control on the bike and the various riding techniques.

In order to make the lessons more entertaining and attractive, our instructors show motivational videos and pictures via a projector.

For newcomers it is an optimal start to endurance training and for endurance athletes an interesting compensation training variant.

In order to be able to use the heart rate controlled training optimally, wearing a heart rate monitor is recommended. Wearing sneakers with soft soles is not recommended. Take enough drinks with you to the lesson, with indoor cycling you lose a lot of fluids.

Due to the great interest, pre-registration is required for all lessons (in person, by telephone or by email).

Indoor cycling takes place here from October to April. A total of 25 bikes are available in our 130m2 group fitness room.

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